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Last Update : 07/03/2007

qemu-darwin-user allows application for Mac OS X/x86 to work on Mac OS X/PowerPC and vice-versa. qemu-darwin-user original goal is to have Wine/x86 working on Mac OS X/PowerPC. It is very much like Apple's Rosetta but it is a free implementation and the x86 to ppc translation is supported.

Qemu on Mac OS X (07/11/2004)
Porting Qemu to Mac OS X. The i386-softmmu is now working, I have also patch to have ppc-softmmu working. And I am working on the i386-user, which looks promising. I can already launch the 'sha1' binary (linux-elf-i386) example from Fabrice tests
  • Qemu official Web Site.
  • The original post to the qemu-devel (includes the original patch).
  • The installer for Mac OS X.
  • The FreeOSZoo to download ready-to-run images of Free OS.

Wine on Mac OS X
Porting Wine to Mac OS X. Wine is now working on Mac OS X.

RandomBackground - Developement stopped -
Developed with cocoa licenced under GPL, it was the first project for automatically changing your desktop picture, fetching it from

Dynamics is a program written to illustrate the connection between Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set. It can draw magnified portions of the Mandelbrot set fairly rapidly, although it uses no clever mathematical ideas to speed drawing. Developed by Richard Koch, I made modifications.

Darwin on the 6400
Here are some OpenFirmware Patches and kernel extension which may help to port Darwin or Mac OS X on the Performa 6400.

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